Upgrade to the Latest Version of NiceLabel

NiceLabel 2019 is here and I'm sure that many customers will wish to upgrade and take advantage of NiceLabel 2019's new features.  NiceLabel 2019 is fully compatible with NL 2017 label designs, Forms and Automation triggers, so upgrading will be very straightforward.  Customers will a current SMA can upgrade for FREE.
If this applies to your company, simply download a free trial version of the software today and see whether an upgrade is the way forward for your company. While you are looking at an upgrade to your current NiceLabel software, why not take a look at the other NiceLabel offerings, which may be a better solution for your label printing or which may be more cost effective in multi-user environments.
If you're not sure which version to trial, contact us on 01200 441977  and speak to Jonathan or David for advice.
Or email sales@nicelabel.co.uk

NiceLabel Express Upgrade 2019

Designer Express is the entry-level software for simple label printing from Excel databases. Its a great product for beginners but you could be missing out on some important features only found in the NiceLabel Designer Pro version.

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NiceLabel Pro Upgrade 2019

Upgrade to Designer Pro 2019 to take advantage of the great new features and intuitive " Microsoft Office" like interface.  Designer Pro 2019 has the ability to connect to any database including SQL and many specialist Data Bases using ODBC.

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NiceLabel PowerForms Suite 2019

Upgrade to Desktop Suite 2019 to access the most powerful labelling tool you'll ever need. Desktop Suite features Designer Pro, NiceForm and Automation Easy to streamline label printing and ensure error free printing at all times.

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NiceLabel Multi-printer Upgrade - PowerForms 2019


Upgrade previous NiceLabel Suite Multi-user V6 or V2017 to NiceLabel PowerForms Suite 2019. PowerForms is the new version of NiceLabel multi-user software and contains all the original features and many new ones, plus it now includes NiceLabel Automation Easy, which was previously sold separately.


PowerForms Suite Multi-printer is available as 5-10-20 printer licenses or any combination to make the number you need, with Unlimited User seats, sharing a pool of printers, direct connected, or LAN or WiFi. Printers are not fixed and can be changed without fuss.


User seats are unlimited and can run either a full Designer Pro 2019 or can run a user PowerForm that can be customised to allow guided data entry, data from database or from external input such as scales or barcode scanner. Before printing the Form user see a fully populated on-screen label, identical to the one printed, cutting down on errors and increasing productivity. Automation Easy can also share the printer licenses, allowing powerful automatic label printing.

NiceLabel Automation 2019


Automation is now included with PowerForms Suite or LMS.  Automation is available in two versions:

  • Automation Easy - included with PowerForms Suite Multi-printer

  • Automation Pro - included with Nicelabel LMS Pro and Enterprise ( Label Management System)

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