Web Printing from NiceLabel

Print labels from any location in the world over the internet, with total control and security using NiceLabel Web Forms.

Label designs and User Forms are created using NiceLabel Designer Pro and PowerForms, then stored in a secure document store on your server or in the Cloud.  Then you can create and authorise a Web User, defining exactly what they can see and do with your labels and send them a Web Link a user name and password.

The Web User can be in your own  business, in a satellite location to could be a supplier who needs to print your labels for goods being made for you.

Without installing any licensed Software on the Users PC or allowing access to your precious data, the remote user can print labels, on his own printer, that exactly match your label design and specification and use your actual data held securely on your servers.

Web Forms directs and controls what the user can see and print and each user can be segregated for any other user, seeing only what he is authorised to see.

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