Label Management System

NiceLabel - LMS Pro and LMS Enterprise are multi-user Label Management Solutions (LMS) solutions that allows centralised control of label design and printing throughout the business or across multiple sites. Templates are stored centrally and access is given on a roles basis, so that control of exactly who can create, access and amend label designs within your business is rigourous controled and this eliminates printing errors and unauthorised label changes.

LMS Versions

Centralize control of your labelling environment

NiceLabel LMS Pro is a centralized label management system for companies which  require labelling traceability and visibility. LMS Pro enables you to control all aspects of labelling, including security, label design, print job logs, reprinting and monitoring. LMS Pro also enables compliance  with industry standards, controls your labelling environment, and helps you quickly respond to label change requests.


Increase the visibility and transparency of your labelling operations

Your customers, regulators, and legislators expect flawless accuracy of label data, compliance with standards, and traceability for every product shipped. Mislabelling can cause catastrophic damage to your brand. LMS Pro helps minimize your risk of product recalls, fines, and losing customer loyalty.

Comply with industry standards

The labels on your products must be compliant with standards in your industry. Whether it's GS1, GHS, REACH, ODETTE, AIAG, VDA, DoD, UDI or any other standard, you can design fully compliant labels with NiceLabel Designer Pro. Constantly updated with new features, NiceLabel Designer Pro means you don't need to worry about ongoing changes in the standards.

Labelling consistency

Businesses with multiple label design creators or multiple locations often end up with disparate and inconsistent labelling systems. This introduces the risks of human errors, inconsistent labels from one factory or location to another and can mean expensive maintenance and compliance fines.

Ensure labelling quality and minimize risks

LMS Pro centrally stores all your label templates. Only authorized users can add, modify or delete label designs. New designs and changes are instantly deployed to all globally distributed printers.

Rapidly respond to label change requests

LMS Pro contains our award winning label designer to make label changes quickly and easily, NiceLabel Designer Pro reduces design time from weeks to just hours. It helps you easily implement customer-specific requirements and drive customer responsiveness.


Add Automation Pro for automated label printing

NiceLabel Automation Pro provides a centralized label printing environment that easily integrates with business critical systems, without customization. Centralize and automate label printing to increase efficiency, consistency and visibility while minimizing cost, maintenance and user support. NiceLabel Automation Pro supports an unlimited number of printers making it affordable for you to automate all of your printing infrastructure.

Overview  -  LMS Pro

LMS Enterprise ensures a centralized traceability and management layer for labelling, required in medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing and in several other industries. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements or your company internal security and quality standards. LMS Enterprise delivers a secure central storage repository, file archiving, file versioning, approval workflows and print history.

LMS Enterprise has all the functions of LMS Pro plus Advanced Features

Complies with FDA, GMP and other regulatory standards, for customers, regulators and legislators who expect impeccable accuracy of label data, plus compliance with standards, and traceability for every product shipped.

LMS Enterprise provides data validation, time stamps, maintenance of records, and capture of electronic signatures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements. It ensures you'll withstand an FDA Part 11 audit and minimizes risks of production errors and product recalls.


  • Keep a copy of all records for agency inspection and review

  • Secure authorized access with electronic signatures

  • Computer generated audit trails record data and time of all modifications of electronic records

  • Document versioning and approval workflows

  • Full traceability, visibility and transparency of all labelling transactions across multiple locations.

Overview  -  LMS Enterprise

For a full presentation on NiceLabel Control Center Pro & Enterprise Label Management Solutions,

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